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Thank you Chris for coming to inspire our school. I appreciate how you took time out of your life to come visit Reidsville Middle School. You story was really emotional but really inspirational. Thanks.

-Jareci M, Middle School Student

Money well spent.

-Lindsay Tipton, YouthBuild Director, Central Carolina Community College

I just want to say thanks Chris for speaking at our school. It was very emotional. I was thinking about all the stuff you said but at the same time, it was really fun. We all love you.

-F. Lisey, Middle School Student 


Mr. Chris,

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do for our students. They look up to you and respect you as a positive role model in so many ways. It gives me pleasure to see how the scholars' faces light up when they call your name, “Mr. Chris!”  You are a sponge to them and I do believe in my heart that you give them hope and a sense of worth! As for my niece/daughter, she came to you stubborn, not listening, not opening up to adults and came along with other concerns. I watched how you were able to “break that shell” and make her the scholar that she is today.  Yes, we still have a few more challenges  but I appreciate the smaller steps that you have taken to make her feel successful and for building her self- confidence. Just remember that we all have "those days or moments" but just keep in mind that there is (are) a scholar or scholars out there cheering you on! It makes it worthwhile!  I  also pray that people appreciate the time and effort that you have put into this.  It takes a special person to coordinate volunteers and plan extracurricular activities for the scholars. Just think of the field trips that  the scholars may have never gone on or the different foods that they would not have experienced if not for your work. When you become seasonal and sitting in your rocking chair on your front porch, you can look back and know that you touch so many lives. One of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou is “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” You are our hero Mr. Chris!

-Mary Thompson, Retired School Teacher

Chrisinspiresyou Absolutely!!! Every youth and yes, even adults would benefit greatly from hearing Chris's presentation. It's not often we meet really humble, genuine men of God who love God, their family, the village and are so transparent about it! My youth were totally blessed by Chris AND his family. For that, it is I who am thankful and grateful!! Thank you Chris Wallace!!

-Sylvia Jones, Coordinator of Youth Ministry at Baptist Grove Church 

Mr. Wallace,

Thank you again for speaking at our fifth grade graduation. You did another awesome job.  I really appreciate your willingness to do this for two years in a row. I appreciate how relevant your speech was for each member of the audience.  You were engaging and energetic and I could tell by the response of the audience that you were reaching both the parents and students. At one point, I heard "amen" from the congregation and for my students, I heard things in your story that I know they could relate to. I also heard inspiration and the idea that there are multiple ways to overcome whatever odds you face as it's important for them to know that they are not the only ones to face challenges.

Finally, I think it really came across to our students that you genuinely care about them, even though you don't know them all individually.  I tell them all the time that there are more people who care about them and their success than they know. Thank you for showing them that I was telling the truth.

-Cynthia Brown, Principal at Murphey Traditional Academy Elementary School


Chris, always a pleasure having you at our Club!! Thank you so much for taking the time to celebrate our teens with us and sharing your story with them. I know it has and will continue to inspire them to become amazing young people and future leaders of our community. Have a great summer and please stay in touch!

-Ronna Butler, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of York County

Attended the Central Carolina Community College TRIO Collegiate Programs graduation banquet and was blessed to hear the keynote, ChrisInspiresYou, give a phenomenal speech on perseverance.

-Jairo McMican, Dean of Student Learning at Central Carolina Community College


You inspired me to make the best of myself 💯👌

-Hannah Holmes, Upward Bound Senior student 



Just want to thank you again for coming out.  You inspired, motivated, and LIFTED our students and staff in so many ways! I know that our students will be thinking about you, your story, and your words. We truly appreciate you! We all hope to see you again soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

-Alison Duncavage, School Counselor-Rachel Freeman School of Engineering 




Words can't express how your visit impacted our school today! I look forward to planning  more events in which you help change  mindsets of our black male students, staff and community! I will be in touch!

-Dionne Sturdivant, Principal-Rachel Freeman School of Engineering

Your words today really inspired and motivated me to start making a change in my life. I'm definitely going to be in touch.

-Vernon, Parent of a student at the Boys & Girls Club of York County



Good Evening! This heartfelt message comes to Thank You So Much for your uplifting, inspiring words today. The lives of our students are changed forever.  It brought great joy to see them interact and for some relate to your story. It is evident that you are passionate about what you do.  After we parted today,  I continued to randomly ask the students to share one point about what they took away from the presentation. It was a rippling effect....Never, Never give up and cut negative people and things from your life.  As promised, I will continue to help share your platform with others. Live, Love and Inspire with Purpose.  You are on an AMAZING journey. A true spark champion for life. Thank you and safe travels. Stay in touch! Say hello and thank you to your beautiful family for allowing you to be with us today.  With kind regards, Brenda R Richardson.

-Brenda Richardson, Guidance Counselor-Lakewood High School 

When I heard your story, it almost had me in tears over there. I was sitting there thinking about my journey as well. You are truly an inspiring person.

-Brad Baker, Central Carolina Community College TRiO graduate



Good Afternoon! It was a pleasure working with you!  Your presentation was excellent and I have received lots of positive feedback!  I will continue to share your contact information with those who may be interested in having you come to their schools to speak with their students. Best to you in your future endeavors!  Have a wonderful weekend!

-Tanya Deshields Jordan, Supervisor of School Counseling and Social Work, Student Support Services -New Hanover County Schools

Thank you so much Chris!  I really enjoyed it, and my students were talking about it after you left.  I will get with you soon so that we can talk about the next date.  I hope all is well.  Have a blessed evening. 

-John Royvell Godbolt, Assistant Principal - Terry Sanford Senior High School 

Chris, I received wonderful feedback from both teachers and students. One of the teachers decided to complete the note card activity in her class, and she said that the students opened up and shared them. They cried and it was very emotional for everyone, in a good way of course. Mr. Carrick, our principal, came to ask me about it at the end of the day, and after hearing all the feedback, he wants you to come and speak to the freshmen.  What do you think? I'm guessing whenever you are available. Thank you for truly INSPIRING our students. Have a wonderful weekend. 

-Claudia Newbern, Assistant Principal - R.B. Stall High School

Hey Chris. Thanks again for coming to Hoggard! The students were raving about it to their teachers! One of the young men, the football player from the first session, asked for your phone number.  He has a pretty tough situation, but really making good grades and working hard in school.  Could I give him your email or phone number? Thanks again!

-Frances Williams, Guidance Counselor - John T. Hoggard High School

Good Morning Chris. The Journalism and Mass Communication students and faculty are still talking about you.  They really enjoyed the awards program and the nuggets of wisdom you shared with them. Thank you again for such a heartwarming, motivational and inspirational message. I have already shared your bio and story with others and are hoping that other schools will be in touch with you in the very near future. Your story of hope and overcoming adversity need to be told to everyone. Have you thought about writing a book??  You have made such a difference in the lives of our youth. Thanks so much for everything!! We hope you liked your A&T paraphernalia. Please give my best to your family and maybe I can take the boys to a movie and the park. I am a woman of my word so I have to keep my promise :-). Take care and stay in touch.

-Gail Wiggins, Interim Chairperson - Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at North Carolina A&T State University

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